Monday, November 15, 2010

International Student Loans

As the number of international students studying in the USA continues to increase, the need for international financial aid is constantly growing. To address this need, we provide access to loans for non-US Citizens from anywhere in the world who are planning to study at approved schools throughout the USA.

We have been a leader in providing loans for international students since 1998, and thousands of international students have applied for loans through our programs. Over the past two years, the  credit  crunch   and legislation has changed the student loan landscape dramatically, and the options available to international students have been reduced. However, there are still loans available for international students, and International Student Loan makes sure to bring the best available loans on the market to international students. Click on the Apply Now button to start your application.
Typically students can borrow up to their school's total cost of attendance, as determined by the school, minus any other aid received. Total cost of attendance includes room and board and other living expenses. International students are required to have a US Citizen or permanent resident as a co-signer to apply for this loan. International student loans typically also offer:
  • No collateral required
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Online application
  • and much more.....

Study Abroad Loans

In 2009, the number of American students who studied abroad increased by 8.5% to a new high of 262,416, continuing the trend or rapid increase in study abroad, with four times as many U.S. students participating in study abroad in 2007/08 than in 1987/88. Europe is still the number one destination for US students abroad, with the UK leading the way, and Spain, Italy and France following shortly behind. However, there is growing interest in China, India and other rapidly-developing countries.

For students looking to study abroad for a semester, or two, we offer Study Abroad Loans. These loans are available to US Citizens and permanent residents who are planning to study abroad through a school sanctioned study abroad program at either the undergraduate or graduate level, while still attending an approved school within the USA.
You should always apply for as much in federal loans as possible before you resort to private loans. However, for our Study Abroad Loan there is no need to complete a FAFSA, other benefits of the Study Abroad Loan include:
  • Borrower up to the total cost of attendance, less other aid
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Thousands of approved schools

Foreign Enrolled Loans

For US Students who are planning to enroll directly in a foreign school, your funding options are a lot more limited than for those studying in the USA. Exchange rates continue to eat away at the value of a dollar, making it even more expensive to study overseas. However, International Student Loan provides you with a complete funding source to cover your education costs in a foreign country.

The most economical way to fund your education when you are enrolled in a foreign school is to borrow all you can on  Federal Stafford Loans, so make sure you complete your FAFSA and get your federal funding. But typically you will need a lot more than is available through the Stafford program, so you can also borrow any remaining funds that you need through our Foreign Enrolled Private Loan. Because it is school certified, you will not borrow more than you need.
Foreign Enrolled Private Loans offer:
  • Funding limits up to the total cost of education, as determined by your school, minus any other aid received. Total cost of education includes tuition, room and board, and living expenses.
  • Fast online application and approval
  • No application fee and no out-of-pocket costs
  • Hundreds of approved foreign schools, including medical, dental, business and law schools